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Smokin' Aces (Full Screen Edition)

Category:DVD (Region 1)
Published:Universal Studios, 17 April, 2007
Actor:Ryan Reynolds, Ray Liotta, Joseph Ruskin, Alex Rocco, Wayne Newton, Jeremy Piven
Creator:Joe Carnahan, David Z. Obadiah, Eric Fellner, Jeff Abberley, Julia Blackman, Liza Chasin, Noel Donnellon
Director:Joe Carnahan
Manufacturer:Universal Studios
Publisher:Universal Studios
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1. ccurcillo
DVD only
Condition: Good
Inventory Msg: unless otherwise stated, items shipped w/ case artwork, but no case (save on shipping). Case will be included for 1 extra point upon request. If listed as ACCEPTABLE, assume DISC ONLY
December 28th, 2016 3 Point

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