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Always Dakota (The Dakota Series...
By: Debbie Macomber

Simple Gifts : Four Heartwarming...
By: Judith McNaught Jude Deveraux

Sky Captain and the World Of Tom...
By: Jude Law Jon Avnet Sadie Frost Marsha Oglesby

High Crimes [Blu-ray]
By: Theo Van de Sande Graeme Revell

Living Each Day with Jesus (Jesu...
By: Nelson Word Publishing Group

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How does it work?
Once you join simply enter the books, CDs, and DVDs that you want to trade into our collection. For each book, CD, and DVD that you send to someone else you earn one Request Point that can be used to request a book, CD, or DVD from our collection once you have received positive feedback.

How do I join?
Simply click the join now button and enter the information requested. Once you have joined you can search our collection and request the books, CDs and DVDs that you would like using the Titlepoints you earn.

How much does it cost?
Nothing! Its Free! If you would like access to the Premium Features there is a yearly fee of $19.95. The basic trading function of the site is free.

I am from country ________, can I participate?
Yes! Our service is provided to anyone around the world. You can select which countries you are willing to ship to. When you browse the site, items that will not ship to your country are filtered out.

How do I respond to a request for one of my books, CDs or DVDs?
We will provide you with the shipping information for the person requesting the book, CD, or DVD from you. You simply ship the item (we suggest using the USPS book rate) and once when you indicate that the item has been shipped you will receive your Request Point.

Is there a limit to the number of requests I can make?
No, as long as you have the Request Points in your account you can make as many requests as you like. The only restriction on Request Points is that you must have positive feedback to use them.

What if I don't receive an item I request?
We ask that when you request an item from our collection that you provide feedback for the sender of the item. Please allow at least 30 days before assuming the item will not arrive because media mail can sometimes be slow. If an item you request is never received, make sure you try to contact the user. If you don't get a response leave the user negative feedback. After that you can go to My Requests, then Request History, and use the dispute link next to the item you have not received. The transaction will be reviewed and you will get your point back.

How do I post an item?
Once you log in go to the My Inventory page. You can select the way you want to search for the item you are posting from the drop down menu. For CDs and DVDs select the keyword CD or keyword DVD option, then enter the title or the artist/actor/director. You will be given a list of options that fit that keyword. For books, you can select the isbn option and enter the number that appears both on the title page of the book and on the bar code, or you can select the keyword book option and enter the title or author to bring up a list of possible selections. Once you have found the correct item in the list of possibilities add the item by clicking add to inventory.

How do I earn points?
For each item you send to another member, you will receive one point that you can use to request items from our collection. You will receive your point for an item after the item has been shipped. You can also purchase points.

How do I search the collection?
Choose the category you would like to browse (books, CDs, DVDs or by author) and you will see everything in our collection within that category. If you are looking for a specific item type a keyword or isbn into the find an item box and click search. If the item does not appear we do not have it in our collection.

Can I change the order that the items are displayed?
You can sort the listings by the title, author, or the time they were listed. To do this simply click the heading next to the "Sort By:" text.

How do I remove an item from the collection that I added by mistake?
Log in. Click on my inventory. Find the item you wish to remove in the list of items you have added. Click remove and the item will be deleted from the collection.

How do I know when one of my items has been requested?
At the top of the screen, once you log on, you will see the number of items pending send requests you have and the number of pending receive requests you have. All incoming and outgoing requests will be shown under my requests and will give you the shipping information for any items you need to send out. You will also receive an email informing you that one of your items has been requested.

How do I know how many points I have?
Once you have logged on, the points remaining section at the top of the page will tell you how many points you have in your account.

How do I leave feedback?
On the my requests page there is a section for pending feedback. Once you have sent or received an item, select either pos, neg, or neu for positive, negative, or neutral from the drop down menu next to the user who you received the item from or sent the item to. Make any comments in the box to the right of the drop down menu and click submit.

How do I confirm receipt of an item?
All you have to do after you receive an item is to leave the user feedback.

How do I request an item?
Once you have found an item in the collection you would like to request, click on the item. You will see a description of the item and a drop down menu with a list of all the users who have that item in their inventory. Select the user you would like to request the item from. The number next to the username represents the feedback score that the user has. The higher the number the better the score. Use the rating to help you decide whom to request from. Once you have selected the user you would like to request the item from, click the make request button to send the request.

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