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The Perfect Score
By: Brian Robbins Roger Birnbaum Jonathan Glickman Mike Tollin Mark Schwahn Marc Hyman Jon Zack

Vintage Label Art CD-ROM and Boo...
By: Carol Belanger Grafton

Netherbeast Incorporated
By: Darrell Hammond Jason Mewes Dave Foley Judd Nelson Amy Davidson

The Satanic Nurses: And Other Li...
By: J. B. Miller

Do Ants Have Assholes?: And 106 ...
By: Jon Butler Bruno Vincent

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Welcome to TitleTrader, book, movie, and music swap club. Titletrader is a free service that allows users to exchange books (paperback and hardcover), music (CDs), and movies (DVDs and VHS) with other community members from anywhere around the world. We have a large selection of titles and the inventory is growing daily, thanks to our users. We invite you to join this exciting free book swap service for free.

Farscape: The Complete Season 4
By: Ben Browder Claudia Black

Farscape: The Complete Season 3
By: Ben Browder Claudia Black

Farscape: The Complete Season 2
By: Ben Browder Claudia Black

Andy Sidaris Box Set Vol. 3: Sav...
By: None Available

The Complete League Of Gentlemen
By: Mark Gatiss Steve Pemberton

What is this club

If you have boxes of used books, dvds, and cds in your attic or basement, you are not alone. That is why this book club was created. Title Trader is the only place to swap all of those used books and other items for something else. Best of all, it is absolutely FREE.

How to Swap a used Book, DVD, or CD

Simply create an account, login, and list the items you would like to get rid of. When someone wants an item that you have you will be notified. Once that person has received his item you will be credited with a Request Credit, which allows you to swap it for any other item on the site. The more you send out, the more you receive!

Posting an Item to Swap:
We make it so simple to add your items to swap on the site, there is no need to enter titles or descriptions. To post an item to your inventory click the "My Inventory" link at the left. Most books have ISBN numbers on them. You can enter this number, or search by keyword to find the item you have. Click Yes to add the item to your inventory. Repeat as necessary. Thats all there is to it!

Requesting a club item:
You can obtain Request Points three ways. The first way to earn points is by sending an item, like a book, to another user. The second way is to purchase points from us. Buying points is useful when something comes up on the site that you really want, but do not have the points to request it yet. You can also earn points by refering another active member to the site. The points allows you to request a book, dvd, or cd from another user. Simply use the browse or search function at the top of this page to find items that are available, then select the user you want to send it to you. The sender will be notified and your item should be on its way.

My Requests:
This is where the progress of your swap requests are displayed. List first are items you want sent to you. Next to each item is a "Confirm Receipt" link. Be sure you press this link for each item as your receive them so the sender can get credit for it.

Listed second are items that you need to send out. You must send out and item before you can receive your Request Credit. Next to each item is the address you need to send the item to.

Listed third on My Requests are swaps that have pending feedback. You should leave feedback for the other user for each item that you send or receive.

There is no question, TitleTrader is the best paperbackswap site on the internet!

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